Future Plans

I currently have about 6 projects I’m working on.

“Our Magic!” is a Little Witch Academia continuation fic. It’s currently the one I’m getting the most feedback from and occupying most of my attention as a consequence. This will be updated regularly.

“Arielle and Kallie” I have the first arc in a psuedo-finished form, but I’d like to get ahead before I start releasing any entries.

Teenage lesbian vampire story: I really am enjoying this one. I’m not sure if it’s going to be a continuing story or if I’ll write the first arc as the only arc.

Gender-bender isekai story: an individual wishes to become a Dungeon Master after being killed by a comet. They’re resurrected in a slime body with no apparent gender.

“Little Witch Academia Novelization”: a novelization of season 1 with the assumption that Diakko is an inevitability.

“Little Witch Academia Smutilization”: rewriting season 1 with lesbian sex in every episode. Basically, what if most scenes in the show took place in a porno.

Other fanfiction topics.

I have a few other projects, but I’m not going announce them until they’rein a more finished form. My current goal is to write something in at least one of these every two weeks. If I can get on a schedule, I will probably launch a patreon for the sole intention to motivate me and increase my productivity.

Anyway: thank you for your support!

Wandering and Confused

Hey everyone!

I’ve written a ton into Ariel x Kallie and I’m trying to figure out exactly how far ahead I should be writing. I don’t want to get it going only to have random hiatuses and I’m not sure how long I will be able to keep it going juggling between my day jobs and my other obligations.

I think I’m going to slightly rewrite each story exploring their relationship so that it’s not quite as serial-based and can function more as stand-alones. This might be a little hard to do so please bear with me! I really want to make these two girls’ story successful and have been wracking my brain over it!

In the meantime, I have a new favorite ship! I’m not sure if I mentioned it, but I love anime. The last few years have been rife with new yuri shows and great ships (like Tohru x Kobayashi and Kumiko x Reina), but I’ve been overcome with love for Diana x Akko from Little Witch Academia.

I never saw much into Diana, but after watching the TV adaptation, I can’t get enough of these two. It’s probably partly because Diana reminds me of Ariel and Akko reminds me of Kallie, but they’re great on their own without them tying them to my own characters.

It doesn’t seem like we’ll be getting a second season anytime soon, so my mind’s been itching on where their story could go in a year 2 of school. When I’m taking breaks, I might just delve into some fanfiction (but obviously my focus will be on my own characters!).

I also have lots of other stories I’d like to tell, even some straight ones (I know, gay is what feels most natural, but sometimes the characters are just born that way).  So every once in a while, don’t be surprised if I come out with something else. These aren’t in replacement of Kallie x Ariel, but rather in addition to their story. I couldn’t stop writing those two if I wanted.

Anyway, lots of love! Go watch Little Witch Academia if you haven’t already! It’s too adorable! Thanks for reading!

Character Profile: Airyes

Ready for our second main? Round 2!

Name: Ariella “Ariel/Airy/Airyes” Aine
Ht: 5’3″
Wt: 102 lb
Major: Business Management / Accounting

The classic “cool beauty”, Ariel is hard to approach and harder to get to know. She has a sharp, sarcastic wit that she’s not afraid to turn on anyone that speaks to her. Ariel has always chosen hobbies that she could enjoy alone, afraid that anyone trying to get close to her was doing it for ulterior motives. She loves reading and playing the piano.

Ariel burns with a fiery passion that she’s bottled up her entire life. She wants to scream and shout and let go of her public face, but family pressures and years of conditioning are restraining her. She relies on meditation, yoga, Tai Chi, aerobic kickboxing, and running on the treadmill until she can’t move to help restrain her inner desires. In high school, she was a member of her school’s archery team until she began receiving too much attention. When she began to be scouted, she withdrew from the team.

Ariel never really thought about gender or sexuality. Ariel was raised without her mother being around much and lacked female influences. She had romantic and sexual urges, but squashed those down alongside everything else she ever wanted to do. As a consequence, she is extremely naive and innocent in matters of the heart.

She’s resigned to a life where she can indulge herself in her solitary hobbies as she works as a career woman. She doesn’t believe she could ever have more than an arranged or political marriage, so she doesn’t let herself hope in that direction. Instead, she plans to be so successful that no one can fault her for remaining single.

Ariel’s never shared what her true interests and desires are, because if she acknowledged them enough to vocalize or write them down, then they’d overwhelm her.

She lives off-campus with her mother’s sister. Ariel doesn’t like to talk about her family and is quick to change the subject if it comes up.

Character Profile: Kallie

Hi, I’m back again with a look at one of the main leads in my upcoming romance serial. I hope you fall for her as strongly as I have!

Name: Kalliope “Kallista/Kallie” Darling
Age: 18
Ht: 5’2″
Wt: 108 lb
Major: Communications

Bright and energetic, with long blonde hair and sun-kissed skin. Kallie has always been considered a bit of a tomboy primarily because of her interest in sports. From an early age, she’s been the best at every kind of sport she’s tried. Whether it’s baseball, soccer, gymnastics, dance, or volleyball, you can bet Kallie has excelled at it.

In high school, Kallie was forced off the baseball team and onto the softball team. She’s always resented it. Volleyball was always what she lived for, but her height has slowly squashed her dreams of playing in the Olympics. She’s recently taken up dance as she shoots for a new dream of becoming a singer.

Kallie knew relatively early on that she is a lesbian, but she’s never had a serious relationship. Instead, those of her teammates and sports fans that look up to her have occupied her in one way or another. She’s never had to work at a relationship and has never been denied.

Although considered a tomboy because of her interest in sports, the truth is that she is quite girly. She loves fashion and pop stars, and will wear out even professional shoppers in pursuit of a sale. Kallie wears her heart on her sleeve and isn’t afraid to say what she is thinking, even when she regularly gets mixed up and should probably keep quiet. She’s quick to jump to conclusions and misunderstand, but even quicker to stick up for her friends.

She lives on campus with school placed roommates. Kallie doesn’t like to talk about her family and is quick to change the subject if it comes up.

Hi everyone!

So here I am venturing out into the world of social media to start to develop my author platform. My name is Felicia and I write.

I focus on mainly romance stories and I write for an adult audience. I have some drama ideas also, but please expect romance for the foreseeable future.

I’ve always been a sucker for romances, but I always find romantic movies to be lacking (even as they are tugging on my heartstrings!) and I could never really get into the romances my friends would be reading or talking about.

I think my biggest inspiration is probably shoujo and josei manga and anime to be honest. I’m talking stories like Marmalade Boy, Chihayafuru, Ah! My Goddess and tons more. Right now my favorite is Bloom Into You (Yagate Kimi ni Naru).

Yuri is 100% where my heart lies, although I don’t mind writing stories featuring other types of romances. I tend to write by developing characters until they feel like they’re real people and then letting them loose and seeing what they do. Sometimes that means my characters end up being heterosexual or bisexual instead of lesbians and I don’t see anything wrong with that. (If you don’t know, stories with yuri feature lesbian romances and relationships).

My first story (currently unnamed) is all about two college freshmen, Ariel and Kallie, who notice and start crushing on each other because (of all things) they both have super-long hair. When I start writing them, I just can’t stop! They’re so so so cute and I really hope it ends up working out for them! But their families might make things difficult! O_O

I’m looking into publishing options at the moment. I’d like to release Ariel & Kallie’s story as a series of serials. Posting a chapter a week for each arc, and then having a short hiatus between arcs. I’ve about written about all of the first arc, so please stay tuned!

This is how a lot of web novels I read are written, but I am hoping to make a career out of this, so I definitely want to publish on Amazon or Smashwords and I’m not sure how serials will work with those sites.

I just set up a twitter right before this site, and I’m not sure how often I’ll use it, but my username is @felicia_rei. Sorry if it’s a little sparse!

Depending on how things go with publishing Ariel & Kallie’s story as a serial, I plan on posting intro chapters and content on here too. I’ll probably post a character page for each of them soon ^_^

Thank you for reading!
~Felicia Rei