Hi, I’m back again with a look at one of the main leads in my upcoming romance serial. I hope you fall for her as strongly as I have!

Name: Kalliope “Kallista/Kallie” Darling
Age: 18
Ht: 5’2″
Wt: 108 lb
Major: Communications

Bright and energetic, with long blonde hair and sun-kissed skin. Kallie has always been considered a bit of a tomboy primarily because of her interest in sports. From an early age, she’s been the best at every kind of sport she’s tried. Whether it’s baseball, soccer, gymnastics, dance, or volleyball, you can bet Kallie has excelled at it.

In high school, Kallie was forced off the baseball team and onto the softball team. She’s always resented it. Volleyball was always what she lived for, but her height has slowly squashed her dreams of playing in the Olympics. She’s recently taken up dance as she shoots for a new dream of becoming a singer.

Kallie knew relatively early on that she is a lesbian, but she’s never had a serious relationship. Instead, those of her teammates and sports fans that look up to her have occupied her in one way or another. She’s never had to work at a relationship and has never been denied.

Although considered a tomboy because of her interest in sports, the truth is that she is quite girly. She loves fashion and pop stars, and will wear out even professional shoppers in pursuit of a sale. Kallie wears her heart on her sleeve and isn’t afraid to say what she is thinking, even when she regularly gets mixed up and should probably keep quiet. She’s quick to jump to conclusions and misunderstand, but even quicker to stick up for her friends.

She lives on campus with school placed roommates. Kallie doesn’t like to talk about her family and is quick to change the subject if it comes up.


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