Ready for our second main? Round 2!

Name: Ariella “Ariel/Airy/Airyes” Aine
Ht: 5’3″
Wt: 102 lb
Major: Business Management / Accounting

The classic “cool beauty”, Ariel is hard to approach and harder to get to know. She has a sharp, sarcastic wit that she’s not afraid to turn on anyone that speaks to her. Ariel has always chosen hobbies that she could enjoy alone, afraid that anyone trying to get close to her was doing it for ulterior motives. She loves reading and playing the piano.

Ariel burns with a fiery passion that she’s bottled up her entire life. She wants to scream and shout and let go of her public face, but family pressures and years of conditioning are restraining her. She relies on meditation, yoga, Tai Chi, aerobic kickboxing, and running on the treadmill until she can’t move to help restrain her inner desires. In high school, she was a member of her school’s archery team until she began receiving too much attention. When she began to be scouted, she withdrew from the team.

Ariel never really thought about gender or sexuality. Ariel was raised without her mother being around much and lacked female influences. She had romantic and sexual urges, but squashed those down alongside everything else she ever wanted to do. As a consequence, she is extremely naive and innocent in matters of the heart.

She’s resigned to a life where she can indulge herself in her solitary hobbies as she works as a career woman. She doesn’t believe she could ever have more than an arranged or political marriage, so she doesn’t let herself hope in that direction. Instead, she plans to be so successful that no one can fault her for remaining single.

Ariel’s never shared what her true interests and desires are, because if she acknowledged them enough to vocalize or write them down, then they’d overwhelm her.

She lives off-campus with her mother’s sister. Ariel doesn’t like to talk about her family and is quick to change the subject if it comes up.


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